The school has full time nursing personnel on campus and a visiting doctor to provide medical assistance to students and staff. There are separate infirmaries for boys, girls and little children. All boarders undergo a thorough medical check-up periodically. The medical inspection fee for any follow-up measures recommended by the doctor will be levied on the parents.


Our school buses operate on specific routes, depending on the number of students on the route. While we try our utmost, it may not always be possible, to drop students at the door-step of their homes.
Please be on time to drop and collect your ward from our city office in order to avoid delay or missing the bus.
The bus conductor may be contracted regarding any transport matter. Kindly do not discuss directly with the driver


The importance of sports in the life of a student is invaluable. Excellent sports facilities and the services of dedicated coaches in different disciplines has made the school sports contigent a formidable force on the play field.Football,Basketball,Handball,Tennis,cricket,Hockey,Swimming are some of the games for which the students are given strenuous training.Besides these,the school also imparts training in Indoor Games such as Yoga, Badminton Table Tennis. Chess, Carrom & Karate. Every student finds special talent being nurtured to the fullest.The school also conducts Adventure camps and Tours for all students.


The School has excellent library facilities with over 5000 volumes of books. In addition to prominent English and Hindi and Marathi dailies, it subscribes to more than 60 periodicals and magazines, both national and international. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important centre for learning.


The school aims at equipping the students to analyze their strengths and cash upon them in the long run so that they can build a sound and secure career for themselves. The school has a day time counselor in the campus.Counselling sessions are held in regular bases for the students. The counselors aim at guiding the students in the right direction based on their potential and skills.

Computer Room

The lab is named as “TECHNO CENTER” consists of 45 systems with well equipped networking facility , internet facilities and all the students.